New Ma Ce Gold

We all know that Spain continues to increase its international relations, especially in the professional environment. We are also aware of the difficulties in communication that we and our teams have often encountered.

To maintain effective international relations in other languages, a fast-track course or self-learning cassettes are just not enough; it is necessary to have a personalised and consistent learning programme,supported by an expert organisation to assess the situation, develop this programme and report on any progress made.

NEW MA CE GOLD CENTRE specialises in language teaching. In September 2002 it becomes part of a group of institutions such as:

New Ma Ce Gold Centre has over forty years of experience in the training world. Our goal is to prepare our students to a high level in foreign language communication.

We are pleased by the trust and recognition that our own students as well as official and business institutions keep showing year after year, entrusting their training to us and using our services.

New Ma Ce Gold

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