Subsidised Training
Subsidised Training

THE NEW ONGOING TRAINING SYSTEM allows companies to recover their investment in training by claiming tax credits in their Social Security tax return forms /contribution reports, once the training has taken place.

It is the COMPANIES themselves, individually or by grouping with others, that establish the training to be developed and can make use of specialised training centres like New Ma Ce Gold Centre to take on the organisation and management of the training programme.

Furthermore, companies have the possibility of choosing the time slot, the number of hours, and the purpose of the training to best fit their employees’ availability.

NEW MA CE GOLD CENTRE along with MECA-RURAL, accredited by the Tripartite Foundation, assumes the role of organizer within the group of companies, providing the enterprises with a service of complete management for their training.

From our experience, we offer you our  personalised service:


  • Detecting your business training needs.
  • The planning of a course or courses according to your specific needs.
  • Procedures planning/ Selection tools, monitoring and adequacy of the training means to the new requirements (suppliers, facilities, equipment and material resources).
  • Online notification of the start of training courses.
  • Course implementation and monitoring.
  • Notification of the completion of actions.
  • Economic Management Service of the Ongoing Training adapted to the new model of subsidises.
  • Certification of participants and Economic Justification of training activities.
  • Assessment Reports on training outcomes (satisfaction, learning, impact, training cost-effectiveness).


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